Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Love you grandma Mona!!!!

So today Me and Cole were able to hang out together!!All thanks to grandma! we love you so very much!We walked down town and bought some yummy gum!(strawberry banana) then went to the park and hung out with andie! walked home,papa sent the popcorn thing on fire hhaha,played with chalk,jumped on the trampolin,got on the computer,went pee a couple times(cole!) had some yummy!! dinner(thanks papa) uploaded pictures on caties myspace, laughed laughed laughed laughed and laughed, had some cake,txted people,took like so many pictrues,used the instant hand foam awesome apple stuff,listed to i miss you, took more pictures, and now were here writing on the blog! yeah! go us go us!! were awesome! we also were on myspace for like ever!!! and then watched juno then went to bed:]. so yeah that was our day:] so look at our pictures. hope you like them!
*kisses kisses*
cole and chicabee

Sunday, June 7, 2009

hey cole! i made you a picture!!! i hope you love it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to add on

k well its Cole. so yea that friday we had a slight disagreement and so catie went with melanie and then caitlin came over and said that catie was saying stuff about me so then i got mad but then caitlin told catie that me and catie werent friends anymore and that i was super mad at her when in fact i was mad but i had gottten over it and i hadnt even talked to catie or caitlin cuz i was gone that weekend. so when i got to school caitlin told me that catie was agian saying stuff about me so i was mad again but in turn caitlin told catie that i was saying stuff about catie when i never even breathed a word bout her. 1st hour was horrible cuz she sits right behind me and we were watching a movie so caties feet were up on my chair and i like hit them by accident so i was like "whoops sorry" in a nice friendly tone to i think both of our surprise. lunch was practically unbearable. i was soooo close to walking over to her to share my lunch with her like i always do. i have never ever felt so alone in my life ever. so we were like looking at each other and stuff. and normally i eat like a horse but i didnt eat hardly anything cuz i just didnt feel good. my tummy hurt. and then catie told me later that she wanted my noodles really bad and i was like "No way!! i was debating whether or not to give them to you!!" so yeah. 4th hour was just weird cuz i sat by her too. i dont even remember 6th hour cuz i wasnt really there. it like wasnt me. all i remember was sitting there and not talking. the WHOLE time. it got worse when i was home. i had like no life whatsoever. i didnt act like cole. now when im upset i dont cry and i usual;y dont tell people. so it wwas just really miserable. and then caitlin wouldnt leave me alone when i wanted to be left alone. so i hung out with emily and ohmigod i think that i went into a paranoia state cuz those people are SOOOOOOO boring. they dont have a sense of humor which is a major turnoff for me and thye didnt fricken do anything!! plus emily was like ditching me for brandon!! molly wasnt there and i couldnt find alesia and of course catie was out of the question. but then, the most amazing thing happened, it was time for Edru's. i thought it would be akward but i didnt know what i could do. im not good with people. i dont know what to say or do so its like an akward thing for me. even ask catie.i can look mad when im actually not , thank god catie knows the difference lol, so then people think im like glaring at them when im not and then its just like ughhhh leave me alone. so yeah. well we got there and catie was like looking at me and talking a tiny bit to me, whcih made me really happy cuz she was smiling at me and talking to me. and she saw that i was smiling back. good sign. what was really a turning point was when catie was like about to fall when i said jokingly "dont fall catie!!" and she looked at me and smiled and said back "dont go in the bathroom!!" lol inside joke. and smiled back at me. so then there was like 5 of us skating and catie was behind me and we had been talking a little bit that day when catie was like cole! cole! i gotta talk to you! now calling me cole is a VERY good sign because seh is the only one besides myself and my family who call me that. so i was like yeah whats up? and she was like come here so we went to like the wall thingy when i was like going towards the wall bout to hit it when she grabbed my arm and pulled me so i wouldnt hit the wall!! i was like omg how thoughtful!! that made me really happy. and then, the best part, we made up!! we told each other how much we were sorry (i almost cried) and how we missed each other and we hugged and everybody was like awwwwww!! and we got a GIANT ice cream cone. so yeah it was a good day. now im like still friends with emily but im more hesitant and not really myself with her and im mad at cailtin for telling catie crap and making her cry and stuff but we are on good terms. So all that matters is that me and catie are best friends again. :@!

A long Story!

So this is catie this time. cole andme got in this fight as of all of you know. Anyways cole and me didnt talk for 3 days!it was so bad. Everyone in the school knew about us and we didnt even tell people. I guess it all happend on friday Mrs.Mack was making us do this project so of course me and cole go to be partners,but..........emily got in the way and it truned into someting bad.After that i went to work wit someone else. I went and worked with melanie. Choir was almsot over thank god, and we still had one class together in 6th hour. When Cole is mad she wont talk to anyone same with me thats how i think everyone found out. That same weekend i was supossed to go to a hotel with her,but couldnt cause papa and grandma said no. sadly. So we didnt talk through the whole weekend too! Thats when i thought something was up with us.I didnt want to call Cole cause i didnt know what to say. After that one Monday EVERYONE! knew about me and Cole being in fight,it was crazy! Cole wasnt at school that day so i was pretty glad she wasnt because of Friday. I guess cole was being buddies with Caitlin and Caitlin knew everything about cole thats when i thought to myself. I said "why is Cole telling Cailtin everything and not me?!?!?!?" The whole day at school everyone was saying how our friendship was over! I was so upset. When i got home that same day i txted her going "hey is it true? is our friendship really over??" I waited about 5 min and she txted backgoing "why do you need to know so badly? is it because you can replace me?!?" I was so mad wen she said that because know one can even come close to replace Cole. I txted back going "no! i wouldnever do that!" So the final txt came and she said yes. I cryed for a while. I didnt know what happened with us. That night i went to bed pretty early. I could not sleep. When we got to school the next day it was so hard not to talk to each other. I had 1st, lunch, 4th, and 6t hour with her and of course we sat by eachother for i our seats. We never talked to eachother the whole time. The worst part was at lunch! i always eat her noddles and i knew there would some left over and i wanted tem really badly but i didnt want to go over there and say "Cole can i have your noddles?" So i said um no. and didnt do it. There is one thing about cole she never cries! When she is upset she just wont cry like i would. So after 1st hour i dont know what she said but i cryed and she knew it because she told me she was about to come over and hug me but we werent friends so she couldnt. Edus was tomorrow and we didnt know what to do becuase we were partenrs for it too. The next to days went pretty fast. Then came the day for edrus. We had to leave after lunch so we can get there on time. I sat with kristen and we had fun on the way there. Kristen and i had eye contact of Cole and Cole kept giving us looks so we just looked the other way. The ride there nothing really happend untill we got there. It was Alesias b-day and i wanted to find a way to become Coles friend again. Cole told me when i smiled at her it made her feel all good and happy inside. Cole yelled really loud going "Catie dont fall"and i said "Cole dont go into the bathroom". When we laughed i knew we were going to be friends again. So we skated for like awhile and i was trying to get Cole by her self so i could talk to her but it just woulndt work!. Finally after 1 hour we were there i got her and said Cole! Cole! i need to talk to you and then the music got really loud so i said come here and we both almost fell haha Cole said what is it Catie? thats when i said "Cole i am really sorry for everything i did! i missed you so much! my life is boring with out you and i just miss you alot and i want you to be my buddie again!!!!" It got really quiet she looked like she was going to cry for a sec. Then she come out and said really! i missed you 2! and EVERYONE saw us hug! Thats when we both said we can never not be friends! The rest of the day we couple skated and had a ton of fun on the bus! We took over 50 pictures lol! So thats how we became friends again! And we will never have a fight like that ever again! =]

Friday, April 10, 2009

About us!

Hey! It"s me, Catie! I am 14 years old and live with my grandma and grandpa. They are the best. I may not get my way all the time, but I still love them.Nicole is my bestfriend out of all my friends. She is the one that understands me. Whenever I think about something she usually says "not a good idea Catie" so I listen to her.

Nicole knows how to make me laugh when I am sad. I aways know how to talk to her without knowing she will tell the whole school. She is the funneist person ever! She is one of the best people to talk to about boys. LOL, but there is one more thing i need to say..... Cole ily2 baby and its been te best 3 years almost 4!, but its been the best i dont know what i would do if i didnt have you.

Hey you! my name is nicole but you can call me cole.I live with my mom and little sister. I am 14 years old and im crazy as what catie thinks. i have known catie for almost 4 years. yeah sure we have our ups and downs but they dont last to long.

when i met catie we were in 6th grade it was te weirdest way to become friends. LOL, when i am with catie its like a whole other story. We can NEVER! stop laughing. Catie and me can talk on the phone for 3 hours if we wanted to LOL. but one more thing............... ily2 baby!